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Mazen, the new SEO Software by has been working hard for 6 month to create the first SEO Software dedicated to save  time to SEO specialists and webmarketers. This new SEO software will be called Mazen and will be available in may 2017.

To create Mazen,’s team first went to NewYork City and San Francisco, to ask hundreds of questions to a 45 SEO specialists, in order to understand precisely how they work. We wanted to know what was the general SEO Workflow in the US. We figured out that there were 5 specific pains, 5 specific moment where SEO people usually wasted a lot of time. here is a sum up of this workflow:

  1. Finding keyword is easy, but you need to use various tools to get them all, and then do multiple export to create your final list. With Mazen you can get the keywords from Adwords, SEM Rush and our own knowledge graph. You can then select the keywords you like in the suggested lists and organize them in one unique interface, with no excel export.
  2. Finding keyword is an intersting job, but organize keywords is a long and painful task: you need to group (primary/secondary), organize by categories and grab all the information you need to  make  hierarchy between all of them.
  3. Finding keyword is important but then you have to find, for each of them, which page of the website is the best to  target this keyword. And, if there is no existing page to target this keyword, you need to create your editorial schedule, so that you can have a website with one unique page for each primary keyword. Mazen automates this tedious task, by automatically mapping your keywords and pages of your website. If no page currently exists, Mazen knows it and just tell you to create new content to target the keyword.
  4. Find technical and content problems in a page is easy, but find those problems in the whole website can be hard. Mazen finds all the problems you have to solve, and show you in each page what  to do.
  5. Find problems is important, but solve them can be a huge waste for time. You have to identify the problems in each page, then go to the CMS, find the right  page, edit the content (title tag, H1, image alt, meta description, etc…).. Mazen saves your time, thanks to it CMS integration. You connect your CMS (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal…), and then you can edit any part of the content directly from Mazen.

With Mazen, in only 1 interface, you find the keywords, map with a page, find problems and edit content; On a global website, this makes you save hundreds of hours. Now the only question remaining is : what will you do with all this saved time ?

✌️Lire un guide c'est bien, appliquer les savoirs-faire du SEO c'est mieux !

Essayez dès maintenant le logiciel que nous avons développé, pour booster votre SEO !
Analyse de votre contenu, préconisations techniques, suggestion de termes lexicaux… Créez facilement des contenus optimisé !

Garantie 100% pratique  !

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